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Tom has been in the building trades for over 33 years starting as an apprentice to his father in-law Denis, [who was a master carpenter and builder himself]. From renovations of residential homes to multimillion dollar commercial projects Tom has done it all and takes great pride in "Making it happen". He brings that experience, skill and passion to the TGWOODCRAFT wood-shop. TGWOODCRAFT started in Tom's garage in 2019 and continues to grow today out of a love for God, Country and those who honor, protect and support the USA! Every item is created with high quality and patriotic passion, proudly using reclaimed materials whenever possible, right here in the USA! You can find TGWOODCRAFT creations from Alaska to Florida and Maine to California and everywhere in between. 🇺🇸

USA / Marine flag

Tom presenting USA /Marine flag to Zac before he leaves for boot camp

USA / Blue Line flag

TGWOODCRAFT supports our Law Enforcement

USA / Reason to Ride flag

Custom flag donated to a veterans support organization

USA / Green Line

TGWOODCRAFT supports our Military

USA / I Plead the 2nd

TGWOODCRAFT loves the USA and the 2nd Amendment

USA / Cross flag

USA / Blue Line Cross flag

Custom flags

USA / Army flag

USA / Navy flag

USA / Marine flag

USA / Air Force flag

Custom USA / Air Force flag

USA / Coast Guard

USA / Armed Forces

Army-Navy-Air Force Marines

USA / CT State Police

Custom flag for retired officer


Custom flag for retired SWAT officer

SWAT Officer

with his USA / SWAT flag

USA / Army-Dispatch-Police-EMT-Corrections-Fireman

Custom life of service flag

USA / Second Amendment

Established 1791


Don't tread on me / Come and take it


Don't tread on me- Molon Labe

USA / Come and Take It

USA / Don't Tread On Me

Colorado State flag

USA flag

USA / Red Line flag

TGWOODCRAFT supports our first responders

USA / Paramedic

USA / Guardians of the Purple Heart

TGWOODCRAFT donated this custom Guardians of the Purple Heart flag to this great organization

USA / I Stand for the Flag

and Kneel for the Cross

USA / Skull Hill Biker Church

Custom flag for Skull Hill Biker Church

USA / Ground Effects

Custom flag for Ground Effects Landscaping Company

USA Cross Production

Flags in finishing stages

Flag Production

Flags on Display

USA / Eagle flag

Custom photo transfer flag

USA / Teamster flag

Custom Teamster flag for retiree

USA / Carpenter

Custom United Brotherhood or Carpenters flag for a retiree - Local 24, 30 and 326 represented

USA / Lineman flag

Custom IBEW Local 42 flag

USA / Anchor flag

Custom Anchor flag

USA / 66th Infantry

Custom flag to honor a friends Grandfather who served in France during World War 2

USA / Polaris flag

Custom Polaris flag


Custom flag for HVAC Company

USA / Gale Toyota

Custom flag for Toyota Dealership

USA / I Plead the 2nd

Flag donated to the Niantic Sportsman Club

Harley Davidson Flag

USA / Dominican Republic

Custom USA / Dominican Republic flag